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Shrink packaging machine packaging
Dec 08, 2017

Open at both ends

It is a tubular film or flat film first wrapped in a sleeve and then shrink the operation, the packaging is completed at both ends of the package has a contraction of the mouth.

(1) When using a cylindrical film, first open the tube opening, and then use the chute to push the product into the tube, and then cut off the film. As shown in Figure 1. This method is more suitable for the packaging of cylindrical objects, such as batteries, paper rolls, bottles and other packaging. The advantages of using tubular film packaging is to reduce the sealing process 1 to 2, beautiful appearance, the disadvantage is that it can not adapt to product diversification requirements, only applies to a single product mass production. The company is located in:

(2) with flat film wrap items, useful single flat film and double flat film wrapping two ways. Film to be wider than the items, with double flat film, that is, the next two films wrapped in the previous package to complete the seal cut at the same time, the two films were sealed up, and then the product by machine or hand Pushed to the upright film, the sealing mechanism in place after the fall, the other side of the product sealed and cut the film wrapped in the product after thermal contraction, the package shrinks at both ends to form an oval opening with a single flat film When the flat film will be the first to be wrapped in the flat film products into the middle of the formation of horseshoe-shaped wrap, and then lap sealing lap seal.