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Have You See KFC Movable Dining Car At Chinese Streets? Soon It Will Be YES
Jan 29, 2018

After more than a year's trial, KFC recently got the first "mobile food business license" in nanjing.
In the past year, KFC's mobile dining car has gone to many places in shenzhen, jinan and Qingdao.
The outside the exhibition business and tourist city sell coke Hamburg, looks more like a nostalgic marketing with the 30th anniversary of the KFC into China do or pilot run, it will become the new business for the fast-food giant in China?
The dining car is modified on Iveco vehicle, diners by reasonable internal space setting, the KFC contain a standard kitchen equipment in 10 square meters of space, make sure the dining car and stores have the same quality standards of products.
You can can find it every day,because it only can work during large events. two or three KFC waiters will temporarily provide sales services in the carriages. However, due to the limited capacity of the carriage, the mobile dining car is not sold all food which you can eat in the shop , mainly with hamburgers, chicken nuggets and home-made drinks.
At present, KFC's mobile dining car has entered four cities in China, including nanjing, shenzhen, Qingdao and sanya.The demand is mainly from exhibitions and events, such as the international beer festival in Qingdao, the sea expo in sanya, the xuanwu cherry blossom festival in nanjing and so on.
However, KFC told interface news, "KFC has been committed to providing better service to customers.Mobile dining car is a flexible and convenient service mode, especially suitable for special occasions, including exhibitions and large events.We are willing to be the first to try this new model in some cities where there is demand, and provide consumers with quality products.