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Yan Yan Stick Biscuits Counting Filling Sealing Machine
Aug 29, 2018

Yan Yan stick biscuits counting filling sealing machine
This Automatic Counting and Packing Machine is one of our new machines which is the only machine have 6 or more heads in china now. It is automatic counting and feeding ,packaging machine, good for breadstick, grissini and wafer rolls, we have export to many countries of it. Welcome to know more details.

The main function characteristics of Yan Yan stick biscuits counting filling sealing machine
1. The  material count pack packaging capacity:50-120 packages/minute(subject to the product and packaging material).
2. System can complete supporting box automatically.(the cake, cone) products loading box.automatic sorting.automatic counting packaging function automatically.No person contacts the food during the packaging process,to reduce secondary pollution and satisfy food sanitation requirement.
3. With high-precision and high-sensitive SICK electric eye tracking system.accurately control material position.
4. The system realizes complete machine intelligent control through real-time interactive operation of touch screen and embedded PLC.Allocate product menu function for convenient and rapid adjustment of product.

Main Feeding Belt Width100mm/20mm
Packaging Speed50-120bag/min
Power specificatio220V50/60HZ.(OR according to the actual situation)
Machine Dimension(L)6000*(W)1750*(H)1300MM.(OR according to the actual situation)

Our advantages:
Professional design machine for our customer's requirement
Quality guarantee
Good after-sale service
We can offer oversea after sale service
CE ISO Certifications

Video of
dip stick chocolate cup counting and filling sealing machine


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