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Pillow packing machine
Dec 08, 2017

①. The scope of application

This machine is suitable for the packing of various regular objects such as biscuit, moon cake, rice pass, snow cake, egg pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, medicine, navel orange, lemon, orange, vegetable, (Material form to be solid)

②. Structural characteristics

The machine uses Japan's Panasonic PLC (core controller), dual inverter control, bag length that is set to cut, without adjusting the air to go, one step in. Temperature independent PID control sealing, suitable for a variety of packaging materials packaging film, high Sensitivity eye color tracking system, color tracking one step.

③. Optional device

Date code printer Pen Maji labeling machine

2 spray alcohol device, play vent device, play the hole device, play the dotted line device

3. Anti-cutting device, even bag device hanging hole device

4. Automatic feeding device, roll automatic hot device.

5. Automatic inflation device, nitrogen generator, oil-free air compressor, dryer, ordinary air compressor