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Shrink packaging machine
Dec 08, 2017

1, first set the machine to heat up time

2, press the manual or automatic button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve power output to promote the gear, the gear driven chain, then the rack cylinder rear proximity switch off. When the rack cylinder running to the top dead center, the rack cylinder near the front of the switch is turned on, the oven cylinder solenoid valve to be output.

3, Oven cylinder running to the top dead center, the timer start delay, rack cylinder solenoid valve power.

4, timing ends, oven cylinder solenoid valve power.

5, according to the working mode flag, decide whether to continue the next workflow.

Shrink packaging machine is the market more advanced packaging methods, the use of shrink film wrapped in the outside of the product or package, after heating the shrink film wrapping the product or package, and fully display the appearance of goods, improve product marketing, increase beauty And sense of value. At the same time, the packaged goods can be sealed, moisture-proof and pollution-proof, and protect the goods from the impact from the outside, with a certain cushioning, especially when packaging fragile goods, to prevent fragmentation when the container fragmentation. In addition to reduce the product The possibility of demolition, theft.