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Automation Technology Has Two Characteristics In Packaging Machinery Automation Design
Mar 26, 2018

Automation technology has two characteristics in packaging machinery automation design

The individual computer controls the individual manipulator. Packaging machinery requires the use of multiple manipulators to perform complex packaging movements. The camera consumes information and monitors the work of the manipulator under the control of the computer. The manipulator completes the specified action according to the instructions of the program, ensuring the completion of the packaging and the quality of the packaging.

Capable of high resolution of material and thickness. The human eye cannot easily identify the thickness and material of packaging materials used in packaging process, therefore, packaging machinery design often use video cameras and detectors under computer control to distinguish the thickness of the material and the changes that have taken place in the process of packaging materials. The camera can check and identify the pictures and display them on the screen.

With the increasing demand for packaging machinery, good flexibility and flexibility have also become the goal of packaging machinery design. Automation technology can achieve this requirement perfectly. Packaging machinery must have a good flexibility, flexibility and high automation characteristics, must use a lot of microcomputer, module and unit combination.