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Food Packaging Machine Technology
Dec 08, 2017

Although the application of food packaging machine drive system is relatively simple, but the dynamic performance of the transmission have higher requirements, the system requires faster dynamic follow-up performance and high precision. Therefore must consider the dynamic technical index of the frequency changer, selects the high performance frequency changer to be able to satisfy the request.

Speed Sensorless Vector Inverter, to meet the requirements of the packaging machine, because it has the following characteristics:

1) The application of speed sensorless vector control technology, automatically correct the frequency, in order to achieve the stability of the motor speed when the load changes;

2) With high speed stability and fast dynamic response, to meet the requirements of high-performance drive control applications. Reduce the time and economic losses due to transmission system failure. At the same time save the speed sensor, with lower maintenance costs.

3) Has the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, miniaturization and low noise operation.