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Horizontal Packaging Machine Advantages
Dec 08, 2017

Because vertical packaging equipment can not add work stations on the equipment, it is necessary to pre-mix the materials for filling during the filling process. However, the actual production is often caused by the pre-mixing of materials or the uneven transmission process, Formula does not match the proportion. The horizontal packaging equipment, because of its characteristics of horizontal bag, so to meet the manufacturers to increase the requirements of the station. And in theory, horizontal packaging equipment is infinitely increase the station. In the process of bagging, different materials can be put into each bag one by one through different blanking devices. For example, a package that is red soup both powder material (such as: salt, chicken), and granular materials (such as: dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated beef, etc.), horizontal packaging equipment in the bag with the first The feeding device puts the powdery material into the bag, the second feeding device puts the granular material into the bag after the horizontal bagging, and so on. With reference to horizontal automatic double-sack packaging machine, we can also find that the material of horizontal automatic packaging equipment is very compatible. In the packaging of different characteristics of the material, the machine can choose the appropriate blanking device to ensure the accuracy of packaging measurement. For manufacturers, the choice of a suitable packaging equipment for the product to improve product quality, reduce cost and improve product market competitiveness while saving production costs are very crucial!