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Horizontal Packaging Machine
Dec 08, 2017

Horizontal automatic packaging machine after the first bag after the filling of the filling method, the material under the mouth more direct access to the bottom of the bag discharge, so you can avoid the dust raised. If the powder particles are very thin, easily raised, then the upper seal can also be added to the dust catcher suction device to absorb a small amount of powder adsorption bag. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine with a horizontal sealing reinforcement sealing. This design can completely solve the "counterattack" phenomenon, to ensure maximum sealing seal, which effectively extend the shelf life of the product. Secondly, when producing mixed materials (such as instant soup, pork ribs soup, chicken essence, MSG, health products, spices and other powder products), manufacturers often encounter the following problems: In general, every A brand of soup have their own unique formula, and the proportion of formula is correct or not determines the pure taste as one.