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Scientists In Brazil Have Invented Chocolate That Can Help You Stay Healthy.
Feb 04, 2018

Scientists in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo have come up with a healthy chocolate that has many people's dreams of eating good food and good health.

From the appearance and taste, there is no difference between this kind of chocolate to other chocolate, but scientists have joined the probiotics in healthy chocolate, is active bacteria in yogurt, this is PIRASSUNUNGA city of Sao Paulo university two years of research, scholars have already published in the international journal of science.

Researchers say the probiotics in chocolate can help you stay healthy."They can improve immunity, improve the intestinal tract, reduce the incidence of bowel cancer, and recommend no more than 30 grams of food per day."Scientist marucci said.

This is the first time that researchers have put probiotics in foods that don't need refrigeration.In tests, the probiotics survived for four months outside the fridge.

This new chocolate has the same amount of calories as regular chocolate, and tastes the same, and the difference is healthier.The new chocolate contains no milk, so no lactose.

"If you have more food with probiotics, it's better. Now there's only yogurt in the Brazilian market, but for lactose intolerant people, you can't get it.""Said Carmen.

Scholars are waiting for the government to invest in clinical trials, and after the clinical trials are passed, it will be available for sale, requiring 100 volunteers to test the new chocolate.

"The taste is good, we're tasting it, we think it's different from other chocolates, but it's good and it's good for your health."Volunteer Carla said.