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Why China's biscuit market has great potential
Sep 11, 2018

Why China's biscuit market has great potential

Biscuit food is second only to expanded food and is the second most important snack food in urban household consumption index. After decades of development, the variety, taste, function and packaging of biscuits in China have reached an unprecedented level, and the traditional biscuit market has also undergone profound changes. From the long-term development trend, China will become the largest biscuit market in Asia, with a wide space for sustainable development.

What makes our country have a huge biscuit market?

 First, China has a large population, the total potential demand for biscuits is very large. Biscuits account for a large share of large-scale supermarkets and small stores. Biscuit products have a stronger hunger function than other snack foods, can be used as breakfast, but also serve as a snack food between meals, a variety of varieties, rich taste, Consumers of different ages and levels can choose their favorite products.

Second, the market development is incomplete, the future potential is huge. The actual per capita consumption of biscuits in China is far below the international average. The relevant data show that the average annual consumption of biscuits in China is only about 1 kg, while that in developed countries is between 25 and 35 kg per capita. Medium-developed countries also have 12-18 kg. Therefore, our country biscuit market development space is huge.

 Third, food packaging industry progress. In recent years, China's biscuit industry has developed rapidly. In addition to innovation and breakthrough in the product itself, packaging is also constantly exploring and improving. Biscuit manufacturers make full use of the convenience and preservation of biscuits, and provide more and more packaging forms and specifications for consumers. It is understood that in shape, square boxes and rolls are the most popular; in terms of capacity, gift bags have a certain market as gifts and household clothes, and small packages are suitable for work breaks, leisure or children's recess; and materials, Paper gift boxes are mostly for gifts and household consumption, and iron cans, once regarded as "high-grade goods", have been phased out by the market.

  Fourth, biscuit machinery develops rapidly. Biscuits can be seen everywhere in our lives, but the process behind them is unknown. The emergence of biscuit machinery has really solved a big problem for the market. It has been created to meet the needs of the market. The biscuit production and packaging machines have helped the biscuit industry clearly, and it has opened up a greater space for the development of the biscuit industry. Open a window of development. It can be said that there is no rapid development of food machinery, there is no rise in the biscuit industry.

According to the development of the biscuit industry in recent years, new technologies, new materials and new equipment are emerging in the industry, focusing on improving the technical content of biscuit products, economic benefits and production efficiency, and reducing production costs. Some fashionable biscuits are or are about to replace traditional products. At the same time, the advanced production technology must replace the backward technology, and the advanced high-tech production equipment will replace the backward traditional technology equipment. Therefore, alternative competition is not only a severe challenge to the existing biscuit machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also provides a good market entry point and potential competitive advantage for the latecomers.