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The Circular Express Package Is Piloted In Shenzhen.
Apr 03, 2018

The circular express package is piloted in Shenzhen.

The rise of online shopping has led to a huge explosion in the express industry, but it has also brought a problem. The large number of packages used in express packages have caused the waste of resources. Is there a way out? On March 23, in Shenzhen living environment committee, council for the promotion of the urban management bureau, ecological economy and express the association of Shenzhen, Shenzhen association of electricity and other units under the witness of a Shared circle packing product "express" released at the Sheraton Shenzhen FuTian hotel, after the market is expected to reduce the Courier package caused by resources waste.

At the press conference, Mr Tang, CEO of the product development enterprise fenghe group, presented to the guests a variety of materials, various styles of folding and recyclable express packaging boxes. Site can see, the product is novel and unique structure, completely don't need to use tape and filler, with light and cheap, guard against theft, sturdy and durable, suitable for all kinds of Courier usage scenarios.

According to the data, in 2017, more than 40 billion packages will be generated in China, with more than 330 million rolls of adhesive tape, which can circle the earth more than 500 times and generate more than 46 million tons of express garbage. From the perspective of the express business in Shenzhen, 6 million packages are sent out every day, and 3 million pieces are received, and more than 1 billion pieces of garbage are born in Shenzhen.

According toMr Tang, the company plans to release 3 million "express treasure" sharing boxes. After it is put into use, it can reduce the use of 365 million cartons a year, which is equivalent to cutting down 3 million trees. To promote recycling, "express" used "to rent booking", recycling is paid and Shared use of business model, and calculated by using frequency than the rent carton purchase price low 20% ~ 30%, this not only saves electricity charges of packing, also let Courier to reclaim the recipient, delivery personnel compensation, guarantee the circulation, the recovery rate of Courier packing. The company plans to develop 1, 000 brand e-commerce companies, and gradually release 3 million "express treasure" packages to the company to realize the sharing cycle of express packages.

At present, Shenzhen fenghe technology co., LTD. Has cooperated with SF express. Since June 2017, tens of thousands of packing boxes of more than 10 specifications have been put into use in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dong guan.