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The Era Of Digital Printing Coming
Apr 04, 2018

Whether you're ready or not, the wheel of digital printing is rolling over. So let's meet the future star of digital printing.

In general, digital devices can be divided into industrial and office digital printing presses (often referred to as digital printing machines).The digital printer is the predecessor of the office digital all-in-one machine. The typical representative is Toshiba, Konica, Ricoh, Canon, Xerox, ossie and so on.

And industrial digital printing machine is more inherited the traditional ink conduction ways of printing devices and mechanical design, really let the commercial printing of digital printing machine, is the typical representative of Kodak digital printing machine, Konica Minolta, etc.

According to different technical sources, digital printing presses are divided into four categories.

Digital printing machine.

The all-in-one machine is developed from the technology of copier and digital technology. The equipment is transformed from a single output device to a digital input and output device. The equipment is simple to operate and the work environment is clean. Batch printing service system becomes a reality, user more convenient. The system has low cost and strong competitiveness. These advantages are likely to dominate the market for office printing equipment.

Digital all-in-one machine.

This type of machine is developed from printer technology and is the main machine of the current office printing press. Roughly the same working principle and digital printing machine, but since there is no high speed laser printing machine core technology (Canon, Xerox, all-in-one except), such machines with common fax machines and printers as competitors.

Digital printer

By printing technology, digital technology, and electronic ink technology development, is the representative of modern high speed digital printing equipment products, as the world's first electronic ink technology digital printing equipment manufacturers, most classic HPIndigo digital printing machine.

Large digital printing machine.

Also known as the production printer.On the base of the printing press the use of digital imaging models.Such printers are more industrialized than digital ones.High production speed, good imaging quality.Some people also make the direct version of the technology, the typical example is the DI series digital printing machine developed by Heidelberg company.However, after the continuous inkjet printing of the digital printing machine, the direct version of the technology has not been developed.